Proudly cooperating with HeidTech Heidenheim

A good theoretical knowledge base paves the way for a successful entry into the professional world. However, the advantages of a "dual" or practice-oriented training have recently come to the fore again and again. Pupils or students are more motivated if they can put their theoretical knowledge directly into practice during their schooling or studies. It also enables them to make contacts in the professional world. Applicants with work experience also have a clear advantage in the application process. Stolz supports cooperation between schools and universities in the form of internships or final theses.

Because not only the pupils or students benefit. Companies that promote and demand cooperation of this kind also benefit from motivated pupils and students who contribute new ideas and interesting approaches for upcoming projects.

In the period from September 2019 to June 2020, 3 students of HeidTech worked in our company on the planning and construction of a specific machine to optimize the production process, and successfully completed it. The machine automates a specific control process using the latest camera technology.

Therefore we are glad that this year we could carry out a cooperation in the field of mechanical engineering with the Technical School Heidenheim. Together with students of the HeidTEch, we commissioned and accompanied a technical project as a final project for the state certified technician.

A certainly challenging, extensive and exciting task for the students, which they mastered with flying colours. We wish the students all the best for their future career.