MagicMag is a journal by the Magic Triangle. This issue of 1/2018 presented different companies questioning them around the topics of vocational training.

MagicMac is a newspaper of the so-called „Magisches Dreieck“. Wihin the edition 1/2018 various companies of the region Crailsheim-Dinkelsbühl-Ellwangen in terms of training programs were presented. For us, Pascal Lang, trainee for cutting machine operater within his second year of traineeship, gave insights into his daily work. Read what he reports…

Do you work on special projects within your traineeship?

Only few weeks ago, our training workshop got compeletly renovated. We were able to actively take part into the renovation process, for example where to place which machine. All in all, we now have a great working environment, which is even the pilot for several other areas within our company for introducing the 5S-Method.

What differentiates STOLZ to other companies?

First of all, I do appreciate the fact, that my traineeship is taking place in Wört and that I am not stuck in traffic around Aalen every day … 😉. Furthermore, with Florian Moßhammer, we have a young trainer, who supports us, motivates us and always is open for our ideas and opinion.

In general, I think it is great that we are included in decision-makings, and that the traineeship has a high importance in the company. Our company has a family atmosphere, but it also offers everything which is needed for a successful traineeship and hopefully later for a successful start into the working world. This combination is just top. I am also looking forward to celebrating our next company event 😉

Why is it fun to complete the traineeship at STOLZ?

It is great fun because everyone works together and everyone helps each other. The daily work is very diverse. Every day we have a new challenge at turning or milling which needs to be faced and solved. Exactly this fact makes work very interesting. There is a constant development and it is job with a bright prospect and future.

In average the Wilhelm Stolz GmbH & Co. KG employs 2 trainees per year. The first year takes place full-time at the Kreisberufsschulzentrum (school-centre) in Ellwangen. From the second year onwards, trainees visit the technical school in Aalen during special training-units. In total, the traineeship takes 3 and a half years. Already from the first year onwards, the trainees receive compensation.

Every day we have a new challenge at turning or milling which needs to be faced and solved.
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